Pizza for Dinner!

My kids requested we have pizza for dinner tonight. Yeah, sure, no problem for you. But what about me, the guy on a restrictive diet for the next three weeks? What am I supposed to eat? I can’t have the crust nor the cheese nor any meats. That leaves the sauce and the veggies.  I’m supposed to eat only veggies and a little fruit, mostly raw.

Good news! Thanks to Congress, pizza sauce is a vegetable. However, it does not count as a raw vegetable. That’s why I am enjoying Pizza di Portabello while the rest of my family chows down on fresh from the oven freezer pizza.

Mushrooms are some of my favorite pizza toppings. Since I can’t eat the crust why not turn the idea of pizza upside down and use the mushroom as the new crust? Instead of sauce from a jar, I made my own chunky raw sauce: chopped tomato, chopped onion, fresh basil, minced garlic, olives, sundried tomato, and parsley. I topped all of this with nutritional yeast then popped it into the oven at 110 degrees F for 5 minutes — just enough to take the chill off. Food is considered raw if it has not been heated beyond 110. Perfect! And oh so yummy!

This diet thing is working out pretty well! Guess I’ll keep at it.

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