A Rainbow for Lunch

It’s lunchtime. My pantry is full of things I cannot and should not eat. So is my fridge. Now what? I could have another salad. But, I want something warm. Lentils would be good, but they will take too long to cook.

Epiphany time (light goes on in head)! Why not pull out some of the leftovers from the fridge  and build a rainbow? Let’s begin with some green — steamed broccoil. Add some yellow — sauerkraut mixed with apple chunks. Now for some red — sugar-free cranberry relish. Round this all out with some crunch — seaweed salad.

Yeah, I know, not very appetizing sounding. Actually, it was quite tasty — sweet and tart with a mix of textures. I reheated both the broccoli and sauerkraut. That gave me the warmth I was seeking. Altogether, not too bad of a meal.

Now, where did I put those lentils? Maybe I can have them ready in time for dinner.

Rainbow Lunch

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