Breakfast with A Bloody Martian!

Now, there’s a thought to jump start your day. For better or worse, however, the SP Purification Program is alcohol-free. But, I can still pretend I am knocking one back as I quaff my daily raw juice for breakfast.

This morning’s tasty juice cocktail reminds me of Bloody Marys — only greener. It even leaves a little heat in my mouth and throat after I swallow it. I have a Hamilton Beach Juicer, so this is easy to make first thing in the morning.

Recipe: run the following ingredients through your juicer — 2 celery stalks, half a cucumber, half a jalapeno, couple pieces red bell pepper, a quarter of a small onion, one medium tomato (more or less) plus a handful of cilantro (stems and leaves). A blender may be able to produce a sinilar result, only thicker. The juicer removes the pulp whereas the blender just mashes everything together. I do add some of the pulp back into my juice because it adds texture to the cocktail. And for protection from vampires, I add one small clove of garlic, finely minced. Go ahead and kiss me!

What a great way to start the day! The heat flowing down my throat and spreading through my body feels great on a cold morning like today. Now that I’m all revved up, let’s see what I can accomplish on a freezy Wednesday in January!

Bloody Martian

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