‘E’ Mailed Me

‘E’ is my personal Nutritional Coach. ‘E’s role in this adventure is to periodically check what I am putting into my mouth. ‘E’ is my Nutritional Guardian Angel, protecting me from myself. ‘E’ is my conscience speaking to me from afar.

Interestingly, I have never met ‘E’. I would not know ‘E’ if we were standing side by side, seeing eye to eye, nor touching toe to toe. ‘E’ is the voice on the other end of the line inquiring about what I have been eating and how much have I been exercising.

Since I have never met ‘E’, ‘E’ may actually be a figment of my imagination. ‘E’ may be my inner demon rising up to torment me. ‘E’ may have a secret agenda. However, none of this can be true. My physician asked ‘E’ to help me. My physician is no figment, I hope.

‘E’ is a good person. ‘E’ was my savior this evening. ‘E’ mailed me, “considering how cold it has been outside, you might want to rely on more warm/hot foods for now, until the weather warms up: lightly steamed vegetables, broth-based soups, cooked lentils, and rice, and hot herbal teas (very soothing and warming).” ‘E’ gave me permission to enjoy a hot meal. So, I did.

I mixed up a batch of pre-cooked lentils with some garlic and hot pepper sauce. I shaped the mix into little patties then gently sautéed them in grape seed oil until they were crispy and golden brown. Actually, I was so excited to eat a hot meal, I overheated the skillet and burned the works. But, that was the best burned food I have ever eaten. Even the steamed broccoli was tasty. And to top it all off — 2 cups of hot miso soup!

‘E’ is my cheerleader, standing on the sidelines encouraging me to continue forward; “keep up the good work; you are on the right track, and I think it will work out this time.” ‘E’ has put up with my shenanigans over the past several months and is still there to support me. ‘E’ is most ‘E’xcellent!

Thank you, ‘E’, whoever you are!

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