Purple People-Eater Punch

Purple People-Eater Punch

Wholly Nuts, Fat Man! What’s with that pulsing purple pulp over there? Oh, no! It’s Purple People-Eater Punch!


Have no fear, Blobbin. I’m sure I have something on my Fat Belt that will help us save the day. Here it is, Peruvian Pulverizing Pliers.

Take that, you pulsing piece of purple poop.




Stay back, Boy Blunder. That pugilistic purple pile packs a powerful punch.

The Pliers appear to have no effect. Let me try something different.




There! It’s gone!

Polly playfully poked puny Percy politely.

What’s happening to me? I’m going down, down, down…

That purple pulsing puke is passing pusillanimously through me like a posy picking python.


Wake up, Fat Man, wake up!

Huh? What?

I’m not feeling well, this morning, daddy. Can I stay home from school?

Sure thing, Sweetie! Just as soon as I finish knocking back this glass of freshly juiced beets, carrots and apples!


The Purple People-Eater Punch has me!

And, so, dear Reader, life returns to normal, here, in the Fat Cave.

Now, lemme find some more beets, carrots and apples. I need to make some healthy juice for Sweetie!

The Mother Ship Has Landed

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