Dim and Nit: The Battle of the Wits

Life around the Fat Cave can be a bit stressful at times. Turns out, today was one of those times.

The day started out okay, at least after Fat Man downed the Martians. In fact the Stress Warning Flag on display outside the Fat Cave was bright cerulean in color, indicating a state of relative calm. By mid-afternoon, the stain of tension was beginning to darken the Flag. At dinner, it all went BOOM!

Voices rose and angers began to flare. Ma Fat had expectations which were not being met by one of the Fatlings. That very same Fatling had made promises that were being unkept. Grrrr!

The Fat Man’s tongue wagged louder than any other. The Flag and Fat Man both turned deep crimson in color. War was coming — battle of the wits, to be sure.

Ma Fat ushered her youngest Fatling away to the scene of the crime and sat patiently while the mess was cleared up. Meanwhile, Fat Man retreated to parts unspecified until he was able to regain his composure and act and speak rationally.

With little more than a couple opening volleys, the war was quickly over. Ma Fat had saved the day! The youngest Fatling was once more free to pursue other interests, such as homework.

The Stress Warning Flag soon returned to its bright cerulean color. Peaceful sounds echoed throughout the Fat Cave. And Fat Man eventually stopped being peavish and ate some spicy curried lentils as a late dinner — he had stubbornly refused to eat dinner, despite being hungry.

Silly Fat Man!

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