Dr. Noz Knows

I dropped by Dr. Noz’s office this afternoon to restock my supply of supplements.

As I crossed the threshold into Dr. Noz’s office, my mind flashed back to my last visit. I had stopped for supplements on that occasion, too.

That day, Dr. Noz and I had chatted about the T-therapy that I was about to begin. The results from all of my labs had come in and supported the commencement of therapy.

“Wait. There’s one more thing I need to check. Please step into the exam room with me.”

T-therapy may have a negative impact on a less than healthy prostate gland. Dr. Noz wanted to check to be sure my prostate was healthy enough for this treatment.

“If you would like, I can give you a paper gown.”

I could not imagine why a paper gown would be necessary, so I declined her offer.

“OK. Now drop your drawers and undershorts. Then bend over the table, ” she said as her hand slipped into a small, latex-free glove.

Oh! So that’s how you examine a prostate. Gulp!

I took it like a Fat Man — gritted my teeth and braced for the incursion.

Dr. Noz pushed and prodded and poked around for a while.

“It all feels good to me.”

Yeah, me, too!

“You can get dressed and come out.”

What, no pillow talk? No cuddling? That’s it? Oh, yeah, this wasn’t that sort of thing, was it?

As I was walking out of Dr. Noz’s office, today, with my bag of supplements, I glanced back and saw her standing in the exam room doorway. She smiled at me and I at her.”

“Have a good day. See you next time.”

Now, when’s that next appointment?

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