To Meat or Not to Meat

To meat or not to meat? That is a tough question. I have had no meat in my mouth in 11 days. Today, according to the Program Guidelines, I am permitted to reintroduce lean protein (meat/fish) into my meal plan.

The Program’s recommendations for lean protein are: chicken that is organic, free-range, antibiotic free, and hormone free, if possible; deep-sea fish such as salmon, cod or sea bass — not farm raised fish.

A serving size is listed as 3-5 ounces, cooked. Total servings per day: 2-4, with 1-2 servings being fish.

Last time I did the Program, I could not wait to eat meat again. I was not even sure I could hold out for 11 days.

This time, I am feeling reluctant about returning to meat and animal products. The idea of veganism has begun to tumble around in my mind. I am not so concerned with the treatment of the animals as I am with the effects of animal protein and fat on my health. I am beginning to read about the positive health effects of a plant-based diet.

Yet, a juicy cheese burger with the works, served on a toasted sesame seed bun, sounds mighty appealing to me. It’s OK, I know I can’t have that American favorite food as long as I am on the Program diet.

But, still, I’m torn. Going vegan means not only no meat, but no animal products at all — no eggs, no cheese, no ice cream, no milk, no milk chocolate, no anything that is made from animal products. Hmmmm…

This is a very tough decision to make.

I am going to try a meat in moderation menu. Meat will appear less often on my plate and in my mouth. More veggies will fill me instead. Let’s see how this approach goes.

Tonight’s dinner features a 6oz. fillet of wild caught salmon. Sounds tasty.

To meat, I go!

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One thought on “To Meat or Not to Meat

  1. The salmon was very filling. I had a tough time eating it all – but, I did. Now I can go back to mostly meatless dining.

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