Two in Forty-Two

A narrow ribbon of asphalt runs past the front door of the Fat Cave. From end to end, it stretches for one half of a hilly mile — up and down and up and down. To those of us living alongside it, this is Our Road.

Today’s local high temperature was forecast to reach a bone-chillin 37 degrees F. It never reached that warm here at the Fat Cave.

I decided this afternoon would be a good time to reacquaint myself with the joys of walking outdoors. Though the temperature was nippy, the sun shone brightly in the azure sky. Besides, the Fat Family was home and getting restless. I felt the need to escape, if only for a brief spell.

So, I threw on a couple extra layers of clothes, wrapped my favorite muffler round my neck, donned my winter coat and knit hat, and slipped my hands into a pair of heavy gloves. I toddled out the front door, feeling like I did the first time I stepped out into the snow as a young child — bundled in my snowsuit, boots, mittens and hat — hot and barely mobile.

My plan was to walk the length of the road four times for a total of 2 miles. Twelve years ago, the last time I was deeply serious about losing weight, I made this same walk almost daily. Combined with Weight Watchers, I walked off 60 pounds in 6 months. As long as I maintained the walking, the weight stayed off. As soon as I stopped walking, I began to regain all that weight plus more. A year ago, I was cruising at around 290 pounds. Today, I am 251 and am looking to walk my way down to 225 by the end on 2012.

The course I chose led me to the back end of the road — the farthest point from the Fat Cave. As I walked, my ears were treated to the lovely songs of birds tweeting in their trees. The sounds of nature enveloped and relaxed me. The neighbor’s cars and I danced around each other as we strove to share Our Road. I thought about how I could have stayed indoors and walked on the treadmill or run on the elliptical. Boring! I am committed to walking outdoors as often as the weather permits. I will save the exercise equipment for foul weather times.

The first mile slid by easily. I was feeling great! As I headed towards the back of the road for the second time, I began to feel the sweat pouring down my back and trickling down the backs of my legs. Sweat from my brow stung my eyes with its salt. My glasses started to fog over from the steam rising from my body. Just as I unbuttoned my coat, a frigid blast of air struck me on the chest — chilled that idea immediately. I was feeling hot and bothered and was thinking about calling it quits. But I persevered!

After 42 minutes and 2 miles, I was finally finished. I fell through the front door and flopped my Fat Fanny onto the floor, completely flummoxed. Fun!

How does that old saw go? “No pain, no gain.” Funny, I don’t recall feeling any pain gaining all this weight. So, why is losing weight such a pain. Perhaps, a more truthful aphorism would be, “Too much gain, feel the pain!”

Keep the faith. Keep laughing. Make good choices.

Until next time…


Dog tired on a treadmill!

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