The Return of The Food Blog

I awoke, this morning, with a hankering to play with food. You know – sort through the supplies, select ingredients, prepare dishes, cook, snap photos. I knew today was the day to return to posting to my food blog: Are You Gonna Eat That?.

I headed down to the Fat Kitchen, donned an apron, and began rummaging through the Fat Pantry and the Fat Fridge. The rice noodles in the pantry looked interesting. In the fridge, I found a nice, pink fillet of wild caught salmon, and some colorful veggies – snap peas and carrots. The colors were all so vivid.

The Fat Camera was stashed away on a shelf in the back room. A freshly charged battery pack lay beside it. The lens was clean. My favorite Fat Food Foto location – the garden window in the living room – was glowing with the morning sun. The perfect time for photography had arrived.

Back in the kitchen, I boiled a pot of water and pre-heated the oven to Broil. I removed the pot from the burner and plunged the noodles in for 8 minutes. Meanwhile, I brushed the salmon with a light coating of olive oil, laid it on a broiler pan and slid it into the oven for 3 minutes. As the salmon and noodles cooked, I julienned a medium carrot.

The noodles were done before the salmon. Before draining them, I dropped the snap peas into the pot with the noodles to blanch for a minute. Then did the same thing with the carrot pieces. The veggies were warm and crunchy and very tasty.

I plated the noodles and veggies. Out came the salmon and onto the plate it went. To finish, I splashed everything with some organic soy sauce – Nama Shoyu – and squeezed on some fresh lime juice. The final touch was a sprinkle of kelp granules.

This dish was heavenly. It photographed well. And it tasted like the best food I had eaten in a long time. Wait, it was the best food I had eaten since starting the Program Diet. The rice noodles might be a bit of a stretch for the Guidelines (they say rice, but don’t mention rice noodles). But, overall, this was a perfect meal that fit well within the Guidelines. It was feel good food.

I hope to continue to be inspired to play with food this entire week. This should give me some meals that I will want to continue to eat even after the Program Diet ends next Monday. That will certainly aid in moving forward with my weight loss and health gain goals. Great food; great health!

Now, how do I upload these pictures to my flood blog?


Breakfast: Salmon, veggies and noodles

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