Kayak in 4!

The bathroom scale greeted me with wonderful news this morning. My weight is down to 249 pounds. That’s below the 250 pound threshhold. That’s lower than I reached in September. And that is only 4 pounds away from my kayak!

I previously pictured myself in my new kayak, floating along, enjoying life. Okay, so, what I really did is Photoshopped myself into a kayak and then Photoshopped the kayak and me into a picture of kayakers in Alaska. That’s not cheating — just creatively visualizing a goal.

I feel very positive that I can knock off these last four pounds before my birthday on January 28 (11 days from today). That’s three days per pound — do-able. I really want to hit 245 by this Sunday, January 22, 2012, the final day of the SP Purification Program diet.

I’ve got the power.
The power is in me!
Kayak in 4!
Just wait and see!

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