Chúc mừng năm mới 2012!

Happy Lunar New Year, Vietnamese style!

The Fat Cave is all decked out for Lunar New Year — you may know it as Chinese New Year. Around here, we call it Lunar New Year because one of the Fatlings is from China, the other is from Vietnam. Rather than create an international incident between our two Fatlings, we just go with Lunar New Year.

However, you may have noticed that today’s Post is emblazoned with a Vietnamese greeting. It was a simple coin-toss, best 6 out of 11, that decided Vietnamese over Chinese.

Tonight’s celebratory dinner was replete with Long Life Singapore Noodles, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Wonton and Egg Drop Soups, General Tso-Tso’s Crispy Chicken Bits, Country-style Bean Curd and Asparagus, and a number 13 Combo Platter — super-sized. Wan Fat Gye, owner of the local Asian Carry-out-Laundromat, threw in a couple extra fortune cookies and a few extra soy sauce packets for Good Luck. We wanted to order Mandarin Duck, but Wan did not have any by the time we ordered.

There are piles of oranges stacked on several tables throughout the Fat Cave for Good Fortune. Ma Fat swatted my hand away when I tried to eat one — turns out we are using wax fruit this year.

Lunar New Year is the only other time of the year when I can wear my Sumo Wrestler Costume in public without raising too many eyebrows. Halloween is the other other time of the year. This year, I wore my new Chinese Beijing Silk Gold Brocade Jacket over my Sumo Outfit — it was cold out there, today.

Given the choice between Hot Tea and Saki for refreshment, I have decided I should stick with tea in the Future. My head is still spinning from the Saki. Though I must admit that drinking Saki with my Ceramic White Japanese Saki Set, with Word Dragon, is a very pleasant experience. That is it was until Ma Fat discovered the Saki Set came with a Geisha, too.

Well, I’ve got to go put out a few small fires. Seems the Fatlings have discovered the matches, but not the fireworks. You know what they say — idle hands are the Devil’s Workshop. And my Fatlings are always finding new ways to get themselves into trouble.

So, in Parting, I wish you: Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) and Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese)!

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