Lessons Learned

Monday, January 2, 2012, was the day I started on my Standard Process Purification Program Adventure (aka Diet). My official starting weight was 265 All-American Fat Pounds (no muscle). The Adventure ended at Midnight on Sunday, January 22, 2012. My Official Ending Weight is 246 pounds. That is 19 pounds in 21 days.

My goal for this 3-Week Adventure was 20 pounds, which would have ended me at 245 pounds — the weight required for me to get My Kayak. One Puny Pound remains between Me and My Kayak! I feel a need to keep working to reach 245 pounds by Saturday, January 28, 2012 — my 55th Birthday (beware of the Blazing Birthday Cake!). My goal for 2012 is 225 pounds by December 31.

My BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates that at my current height and weight I am still Obese, but no longer Morbidly Obese. At 225, I will still be Obese. But at 224, I will suddenly be merely Overweight. I can hardly weight to be Overweight!

A year ago, at about this same time, I was knocking on the 300-Pound Door. I crossed 290 and was rolling up towards 300. I did not get there. Phew! This means I lost about 50 pounds in 2011. I have another 50 to go before I reach the weight range where I want to spend my Remaining Years of Life — 190 – 200 pounds. I’ve been there before; I can get there again.

My pants find it difficult to stay up, these days — that may prove interesting! My belt is cinched as tightly as it will go. I may need to buy some smaller pants soon. I’ll just head over to the Thrift Store and buy someone else’s old pants. It’s like with housing — why buy new, when you aren’t planning to stay long — just rent!

What Lessons did I learn from this 21-Day Adventure? What Wisdom did I gain that will help me through the next Phases of this Journey to Shrunken Man status?

The first thing I learned is that cutting back on my food intake will not kill me. Though My Stomach did scream like it was being tortured. Even now, My Tummy whimpers and whines about being empty. I realize that giving into the Little Terrorist’s demands will be the same thing as giving up and returning to the Big Old Daze. Not me; not this time!

I learned that eating more veggies and less meat is a tasty change from my old ways. I am not missing meat as much as I thought I would. No, I did not go Vegetarian. I did reintroduce Lean Protein, in the form of fish and chicken, to my Daily Intake, on Day 11 of this Journey.

I rediscovered the Natural Taste of veggies. It’s back at the raw or lightly blanched stage. We cook the Life out of our veggies and then drown them in butter, cheese or other sauces. They are so much more tasteful when served Au Naturel (naturally naked — the veggies, not the server). Blanching gives the veggies a bit of warmth and a touch of tenderness, without sacrificing nutritional value nor taste.

I learned that I need to pay better attention to the amount of water I consume each day. Water helps to cleanse the body of all the Crap hanging around inside it. By measuring out an entire day’s supply of water, I was able to drink what my body needs. On the days when I did not measure out my water, I did not drink as much as I should.

Exercise is like water — I need to pay better attention to how much I am getting and how often. Walking about the house is not exercise; though vacuuming the same house is. Guess I had better start vacuuming every time I get up and move about the house. But seriously, I still need to force myself to engage in regular and beneficial exercise — treadmill, brisk walking outdoors, mall miling, elliptical, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

Staying active, away from home, all day seems to aid in getting more exercise and less food. I just need to make sure I take my water supply with me. Fortunately, Volunteer Season is here again! I will be out more than I am in for the remainder of this School Year (’til June). And then Summer Camps will begin and I will continue to be away from The Temptations.

Sleep is Not for Chumps! I used to proclaim the opposite to be true. I do better on the days following a good nights of sleep — 7+ hours. I’m still violating this principal. I persist in staying up much later than I should (imagine what time it is as I am writing this).

The Next Phase of My Journey To Thin promises to be more difficult than these past 3-Weeks. I have to continue moving forward, without regaining the weight I just worked so hard to lose. I need to use the Lessons I have learned to carry me through the struggles ahead. Gaining weight is so much easier and more fun than losing weight. It’s all a matter of Simple Mathematics: Pick up food, gain weight; put down food, lose weight. I just wish I had been better at Math back in the day.

The Guidelines for the SP Purification Program served as a crutch that helped me navigate the Choppy Seas of Strict Dieting — if it wasn’t in the Guidelines, it wasn’t permitted into my mouth. Now, I have to rely on my own Knowledge to act as Gatekeeper — Halt, What Goes There! Everything I have not eaten recently is already calling to me to spend time enjoying it. And My Stomach is vociferously cheering me on to Failure — Eat It! Eat It!

Shut Up, you Traitorous Tum Tum. Listening to You will be the Death of Me! You’re the One that got Me into this situation in the first place. You and your co-conspirator — My Big Mouth. Now, cut it out and let The Brain guide us to a long and healthy life.

The last and perhaps most important Lesson I learned is that Humor goes a long way towards filling a Whining Stomach. I started this Blog as a means to distract myself from the Agonies of Dieting. Laugh at the Complaints and they go away. Joke about everything and everybody, especially myself, and I can laugh the day away, while forgetting about food — I can laugh My Ass off.

I have continued writing this Blog to amuse myself and anyone else who may read it. Some have said I should be a writer — write a book. I’m writing every time I create a new Post. Some days I find myself needing to write as soon as I wake; other days require me to write until I get it all out of My System before going to sleep. As for writing a Book… Who knows! Maybe, One Day!

For now, I need to keep My Eyes on the Puny Pound on My Backside. It must go so that I can have My Kayak. I feel the need to paddle down the Lazy River and Relax!

Keep the Faith. I will!


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