Snow, What!

The Fatlings donned their jammies early this evening — backwards to boot! They are currently jumping up and down on their beds, feverishly chanting, “No school. No School!”

I’ve already told them twice that they are both a bit too old for such behavior. They ignored me and resumed their Witch’s Dance (Le Danse Macabre).

My elder daughter, Elsie, is headed for Kollege next fall. Yet, there she is working herself into a frenzy, tonight, just so school won’t open tomorrow. And, Sweetie, my youngest and newest high schooler, is jumping right next to her big sister, flapping her arms like a chicken with a broken wing. Such a sight!

Hey, Fatlings! Don’t look now, but the snow has stopped falling. You need to get back to work on that homework that is due tomorrow. School is on, babies!

And, so, their Danse has ended on a sour note. Snow, what! I’m happy — after all, I won’t be killing myself behind a snow shovel tomorrow while they lounge around in their jammies, eating toast with jelly, and watching reruns of “Fat Days of Our Lives.”

Ciao for now, Snow Bunnies!

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